What is the True Medical Missionary Work? “the true medical missionary work, a work
that has The Great Physician to dictate and preside in all it
(A work underway, not complete)

-BC- 1888
-TI- The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials
-CN- 199
-CT- To S. N. Haskell and wife
-PR- 01
-PG- 1710
The Word of Elohim in His Law is binding upon every intelligent
mind. The Truth for this time, the third angel’s message, is
to be proclaimed with a loud voice, meaning with increasing power,
as we approach the great final test. This test must come to the
churches in connection with the true medical missionary work, a work
that has The Great Physician to dictate and preside in all it
comprehends. Under The Great Head we are to present Elohim’s Word requiring
obedience to the system of Bible truth, which is a system of authority
and power, convicting and converting the conscience. The demand of
The Word to obedience is a life and death question. The present
truth for this time comprises the messages, the third angel’s message
succeeding the first and second. The presentation of this message
with all it embraces is our work. We stand as the remnant people
in these last days to promulgate the truth and swell the cry of the
third angel’s wonderful distinct message, giving the trumpet a
certain sound. Eternal truth, which we have adhered to from the beginning
is to be maintained in all its increasing importance to the
close of probation. The trumpet is to give no uncertain sound. We
must devise and plan wisely, practicing simplicity and the strictest
economy and manifesting Messiah’s likeness of character. Faith,
eternal faith in the past and in the present Truth is to be talked,
is to be prayed, is to be presented with pen and voice.

-BC- PH144
-TI- The Place of Herbs in Rational Therapy
-PR- 02
-PG- 29
“The truth for this time, the third angel’s
message, is to be proclaimed with a loud voice


as we approach the great final test. This test
must come to the churches in connection with
true medical missionary work.” We are told
that in time of trouble “there will be sick
ones, plenty of them, that will need help” so
because of the need, but also “for their own
sake, they should, while they have opportunity,
become intelligent in regard to disease, its
causes, prevention and cure, and those who
will do this will find a field of labor anywhere.”
C. H. 506.

-BC- SpTA06
-TI- Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers.–No. 6
-PR- 01
-PG- 59
The Work Not Circumscribed By the Counsel
of Elohim.

O that Yehovah might guide you! You should
never in a single instance allow hearsay to move
you to action, and yet you have sometimes done
this. Never take action to narrow and circumscribe
the work unless you know that you are
moved to do so by the Spirit of Yehovah. Our
people are doing work for foreign missions, but
there are home missions that need their help just
as much as these foreign missions. We should
make efforts to show our people the wants of the
cause of Elohim, and to open before them the need
of using means that Elohim has entrusted to them, to
advance the work of the Master both at home and
abroad. Unless those who can help in —– are
roused to a sense of their duty, they will not
recognize the work of Elohim when the loud cry of
the third angel shall be heard. When light goes
forth to lighten the earth, instead of coming up to
the help of Yehovah, they will want to bind about
His work to meet their narrow ideas. Let me tell
you that Yehovah will work in this last work in a
manner very much out of the common order of
things, and in a way that will be contrary to any
human planning. There will be those among us

– 60 –

who will always want to control the work of Elohim,
to dictate even what movements shall be made
when the work goes forward under the direction
of the angel who joins the third angel in the
message to be given to the world. Elohim will use ways
and means by which it will be seen that He is
taking the reins in His own hands. The workers will
be surprised by the simple means that He will use
to bring about and perfect His work of righteousness.
Those who are accounted good workers
will need to draw nigh to Elohim, they will need the
divine touch. They will need to drink more
deeply and continuously at the fountain of living
water, in order that they may discern Elohim’s work
at every point. Workers may make mistakes, but
you should give them a chance to correct their
errors, give them an opportunity to learn caution
by leaving the work in their hands.
Mrs. E. G. White.



-BC- 1BC
-TI- S.D.A. Bible Commentary Vol. 1
-CT- Leviticus
-PR- 05
-PG- 1110
3 (Mal. 1:13). Every Sacrifice Inspected by Elohim. –It is The Messiah
Who searches the hearts and tries the reins of the children of men. All
things are naked and open before the eyes of Him with whom we have to do,
neither is there any creature that is not manifest in His sight. In the days
of ancient Israel the sacrifices brought to the high priest were cut open to
the backbone to see if they were sound at heart. So the sacrifices we bring
today are laid open before the piercing eye of our great High Priest. He
opens and inspects every sacrifice brought by the human race, that He may
prove whether it is worthy of being presented to the Father (MS 42, 1901).


From The Daystar, her first vision:
His feet had the appearance of fire, in His right hand was a sharp sickle, in His left a silver trumpet. His eyes were as a flame of fire, which searched His children through and through. Then all faces gathered paleness, and those that Elohim had rejected gathered blackness. Then we all cried out, who shall be able to stand? Is my robe spotless?

A compilation begun in the late 1980’s