This text refers to the sealing, of Ezekiel chapter 9.
Mal 3:16  Then they that feared YHVH spake often one to another: and YHVH hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared YHVH, and that thought upon His Name. 
Mal 3:17  And they shall be Mine, saith YHVH of hosts, in that day when I make up My jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. 
Mal 3:18  Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth Elohim and him that serveth Him not.
From the Daystar –
On their foreheads was written, Yehovah, New Jerusalem, and a glorious Star containing Yehoshua’s new Name. At our happy, holy state the wicked were enraged, and would rush violently up to lay hands on us to thrust us in prison, when we would stretch forth the hand in The Name of Yehovah, and the wicked would fall helpless to the ground.
Then it was that the synagogue of Satan knew that Elohim had loved us who could wash one another’s feet, and salute the holy brethren with a holy kiss, and they worshipped at our feet.

Nehemiah 9:5
Then the Levites, Jeshua, and Kadmiel, Bani Hashabniah, Sherebiah, Hodijah, Shebaniah, and Pethahiah, said, Stand up and bless Yehovah your Elohim for ever and ever: and blessed be Thy Glorious Name, which is exalted above all blessing and praise.

An early dream
Spiritual Gifts. Volume 2
Feelings of Despair
PR- 01
PG- 17
The temple was supported by one immense pillar, and to
this pillar was a lamb tied, all mangled and
. I thought that we all knew that it
was our sins that caused this lamb to be thus
torn and bruised. Just before this lamb were
seats elevated above the level of the floor, and
a company of people were sitting there looking
very happy. All who entered the temple must
come before the lamb and confess their sins,
and then take their place among the happy
throng who occupied the elevated seats.
(To my mind this one immense pillar represents His One Qodesh Great and Wonderful Name; which upholds all worlds and all things; to which Yehoshua is tied, “Yehovah”, yod_he_vav_he.)

Most Bibles have translated incorrectly His True Name Yehovah, in Hebrew letters, yod-he-vav-he, the image at the top left corner of this page; to “The Lord”; This is false.

Since we cannot come literally before His Throne, the way we come, is to pray to the correct address, by giving honor and singing Praises unto His Great and Glorious and Wonderful Name. This is True Worship. Hallelu Yah or “Praise ye Yah”. Psalms 68:4

His Name is The Seal upon His “Sabbath Institution”. The numbers of His Name “Yah” is a Seal upon His Foods, as His Name is a Seal on the foreheads of the 144,000, as the Advent band shout “Hallelu Yah”, when Yehoshua raises His glorious Right Arm, which represents His True Health Message, (not modern medicine), in it’s relation to the body of the Gospel Message, and used to shake hands, and used to open doors. Which Message Ellen White tells us He, Yehoshua, will take control of, in the very last days.

Do you have a name? How would you respond to the address “blue cheese” or some other silly term that is not your name?

John 1:12  But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of Elohim, even to them that believe on His Name:

Will Yehoshua present our prayers to The Father, mingled with His Incense, if after knowing His True and Righteous and Great and Glorious and Wonderful Name, we continue praying to insulting pagan deities? I think not!

1 John 3:23  And this is His commandment, That we should believe on The Name of His Son Yehoshua the Messiah, and love one another, as He gave us commandment. 

Isaiah 52:6  Therefore My people shall know My Name: therefore they shall know in that day that I am He that doth speak: behold, it is I.

Ezekiel 39:7  So will I make My Holy Name known in the midst of My people Israel; and I will not let them pollute My (qodesh)-Holy Name any more: and the heathen shall know that I am Yehovah, The Holy One in Israel.  – Amos 8:2 refers to Ezekiel 9
Amos 8:2  And He said, Amos, what seest thou? And I said, A basket of summer fruit. Then said YHVH unto me, The end is come upon My people of Israel; I will not again pass by them any more.
This is the Passover of Ezekiel 9, the Angels pass over those with a Mark of His Great and Glorious and Qodesh and Saving Name. While the wicked professors, are slain; which event triggers the “death decree” of Daniel chapter 12, instituted at the end of the 1290 days, going into effect at the end of the 1335 days, the “Blessed Day” of “then commenced the Jubilee when the land should rest.”

Amos 4:1  Hear this word, ye kine of Bashan, that are in the mountain of Samaria, which oppress the poor, which crush the needy, which say to their masters, Bring, and let us drink. 
Amos 4:2  Yehovah Elohim hath sworn by His Holiness, that, lo, the days shall come upon you, that He will take you away with hooks, and your posterity with fishhooks. (Equivalent popular name used for Elohim, god, spelled backward, dog, or “dagon”, “dogon”. –  the Egyptian – Philistine – Dogon tribe fish deity, an insult to Our Creator; Goliath cursed David, by his deities, probably saying “dog-gone-it” , we should never repeat that phrase! He can take away Truth, or He can give Truth, if we sin or if we repent).
Amos 4:3  And ye shall go out at the breaches, every woman straight before her; and ye shall cast off your proud greatness, saith Yehovah.  (Holy Name Bible)
Amos 4:4  Come to Bethel, and transgress; at Gilgal multiply transgression; and bring your sacrifices every morning, and your tithes after three years: 
Amos 4:5  And offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving with leaven(today praises to the pagan names), and proclaim and publish the free offerings: for this liketh you, O ye children of Israel, saith Yehovah Elohim.

Israel Has Not Returned to Yehovah

Amos 4:6  And I also have given you cleanness of teeth in all your cities, and want of bread in all your places: yet have ye not returned unto Me(to give honor and sing Praises unto This Great and Glorious Wonderful Name, Yehovah, Elohim of Hosts, which is True Worship), saith Yehovah. 
Amos 4:7  And also I have withholden the rain from you, when there were yet three months to the harvest: and I caused it to rain upon one city, and caused it not to rain upon another city: one piece was rained upon, and the piece whereupon it rained not withered. 
Amos 4:8  So two or three cities wandered unto one city, to drink water; but they were not satisfied: yet have ye not returned unto Me(to give honor and sing Praises unto This Great and Glorious Wonderful Name, Yehovah, Elohim of Hosts, which is True Worship), saith Yehovah. 
Amos 4:9  I have smitten you with blasting and mildew: when your gardens and your vineyards and your fig trees and your olive trees increased, the palmerworm devoured them: yet have ye not returned unto Me(to give honor and sing Praises unto This Great and Glorious Wonderful Name, Yehovah, Elohim of Hosts, which is True Worship), saith Yehovah. 
Amos 4:10  I have sent among you the pestilence after the manner of Egypt: your young men have I slain with the sword, and have taken away your horses; and I have made the stink of your camps to come up unto your nostrils: yet have ye not returned unto Me(to give honor and sing Praises unto This Great and Glorious Wonderful Name, Yehovah, Elohim of Hosts, which is True Worship), saith Yehovah. 
Amos 4:11  I have overthrown some of you, as Elohim overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah, and ye were as a firebrand plucked out of the burning: yet have ye not returned unto Me(to give honor and sing Praises unto This Great and Glorious Wonderful Name, Yehovah, Elohim of Hosts, which is True Worship), saith Yehovah. 
Amos 4:12  Therefore thus will I do unto thee, O Israel: and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy Elohim, O Israel
Amos 4:13  For, lo, he that formeth the mountains, and createth the wind, and declareth unto man what is his thought, that maketh the morning darkness, and treadeth upon the high places of the earth, Yehovah, The Elohim of hosts, is His Name
(is it not an insult, after telling us what His Name Is, to call upon Him by “The Lord”? He told the Hebrew multitude at mt. Sinai, “I am Yehovah your Elohim, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.” Exodus 20:2)

Psa 50:22  Now consider this, ye that forget Eloah, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver. 
Psa 50:23  Whoso offereth Praise Glorifieth Me: and to him that ordereth his conversation-(way of life) aright will I shew the salvation of Elohim.

Psalms 52:9
I will praise Thee (hallelu Yah means “Praise ye YAH“) for ever, because Thou hast done it: and I will wait on Thy Name; for It is good before Thy saints.

Isa 30:27  Behold, The Name of YEHOVAH cometh from far, burning with His anger, and the burden thereof is heavy: His lips are full of indignation, and His tongue as a devouring fire: 
Isa 30:28  And His breath, as an overflowing stream, shall reach to the midst of the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of vanity: and there shall be a bridle in the jaws of the people, causing them to err. (false Bible translations with “The Lord” is the bridle causing them to err)

Pro 18:10  The Name of Yehovah is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

Psalms 68:4 Sing unto Elohim, sing praises to His Name: extol Him that rideth upon the heavens by His Name YAH, and rejoice before Him(is a command to do on The Qodesh New Moon Day, by inference).  Holy Name Bible. (KJV has JAH, NKJV has YAH)

(sing praises to His Name, YAH – by shouting “Hallelu Yah”, and by melodies of Praise to Abba YAH, Abba in Hebrew, means “Father”)

Deuteronomy 18:20  But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in My Name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods*, even that prophet shall die.

*e.g. “The Lord” or “God” or “Jesus”