Potatoes are Good for U

It is from this man, I learned about the pattern of 5 and 10 in foods.
EXERGONIC-EXOTHERMIC FOODS (Electron Giving) have this pattern of 10 and 5
This is the Real Hallelu Yah diet Because it reveals the power of the numbers of Elohim’s Name-YHVH, YH-YaH or Yah short Form.‘Yod’ = 10 and is the tenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet
‘He’ = 5 and is the fifth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. These two letters “yod” and “he” together spell the word “Yah”Psalm 104:35 “Bless my soul oh Word of Yehovah, Hallaelu Yah”

It is from Dr Norman Gonzales, I learned about the pattern of 5 and 10 in foods.
EXERGONIC-EXOTHERMIC FOODS (Electron Giving) have this pattern of 10 and 5
This is the Real Hallelu Yah diet Because it reveals the power of the numbers of Elohim’s Name-YHVH, YH-YaH or Yah short Form.‘Yod’ = 10 and is the tenth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet
‘He’ = 5 and is the fifth letter of the Hebrew AlphabetThese two letters “yod” and “he” together spell the word “Yah”Psalm 104:35 “Bless my soul oh Word of Yehovah, Hallaelu Yah”

(2Ch 6:7)  Now it was in the heart of David my father to build an house for the name of Yehovah the Elohim of Israel;
Are you building your “house” body temple, for the indwelling of the Qodesh Spirit of Elohim?
(1Co 3:16)  Know ye not that ye are the temple of Yehovah, and that the Spirit of Yehovah dwelleth in you?
(1Co 3:17)  If any man defile the temple of Yehovah, him shall Yehovah destroy; for the temple of Yehovah is holy, which temple ye are.
(question: can you “defile” your body temple by eating “defiled”, endothermic foods?)
Deu 22:9)  Thou shalt not sow thy vineyard with divers seeds: lest the fruit of thy seed which thou hast sown, and the fruit of thy vineyard, be defiled.
(Lev 19:19)  Ye shall keep My statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: Thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee.

Counsels on Health, page 616-
The brain nerves which communicate
with the entire system are the only medium through
which Heaven can communicate to man, and affect his
inmost life. Whatever disturbs the circulation of the electric
currents in the nervous system, lessens the strength
of the vital powers, and the result is a deadening of the
sensibilities of the mind.

My challenge: please try eating only exothermic foods, for a few weeks, and see for yourself if the crystal clarity of your mind does not improve, as the higher voltages present increase mental functioning. Of course you need proper nutritional support to intake all the nutrients you need.

Inspirational thought: Came after praying silently on my knees this prayer: “how do foods with the pattern of 5 + 10 give energy, and those that don’t, take energy, precisely how?” as I arose from my knees, this thought crystallized in my mind within seconds:

“The Number of sections in a fruit, or petals on a flowering bud, are an expression from the genes, a parallel reflection of the instruction set controlling and describing the molecular configuration, which determines the resulting electro-polarity, if the reaction will absorb or release electrons.”

Like gears must have the proper number of teeth to correctly mesh, or the unit will not function. Nature has similar balances, In nature, natural occuring hybrids cannot reproduce, just as a mule cannot reproduce, these hybrids must be made by men who are sinning against the express command of YHVH in Leviticus 19:19, and Deuteronomy 22:9, and under the general commandment of Adultery Exodus 20:14 & Deuteronomy 5:18. These man made first generation hybrids do not fall under the classification of foods that Our Creator, inspected and declared as “GOOD” in Genesis 1:12. That is they are not capable of reproducing after their kind. See Gen. 1:12, and Gen. 1:29, 30.

ROOTS-Potatoes, Carrots, Yucca, Name, Malanga.
FRUITS-Lemons (10-sections)-necessary to help kill off smaller ascaris worms, Apples, cut in half from side to side to look for 5-point core, Pineapples, Papaya 5-lobes.
DRINKS-Lemonade (10-SECTIONS), Or Hain cranberry concentrate sweetened with 100% maple syrup.
The type of olive oil from only one location, one source, from a protected source, with a harvest date.If struggling for your life, lighten up on olive oil and try using only fresh, non rancid, refrigerated flaxseed oil.
Insure a balanced fatty acid intake, flax seed, hemp seed oils, coconut and other high quality oils with essential fatty acids.
2. KAL NUTRITIONAL YEAST FLAKES. (The yellow flakes are more tasty than the brown powder) Use more of this if you can’t get the Liquid Brewers Yeast.
3. SPROUTS–ALFALFA, RED CLOVER, LENTIL, BEAN (Note, I think the alfalfa sprouts are very important as they “sweep” away the protective mucous off the worms, so the coffee can help kill them)
4. CASABE BREAD, made from Yucca, highest energy food, root.
5. TAMARI SAUCE –  Ingredients – whole soybeans, water, sea salt, etc. Tiny amount of natural alcohol present in tamari helps prevent a clogging build up of resins, and other crustaceous materials from crusting up and clogging the pyloric valve (outlet) of the stomach. As alcohol is the best dissolver of resin. Amount is very small, see Bible for reference on wine for the stomachs health. Alcohol quickly dissolves resin, resin like pine sap, soap and water will not dissolve well.
8. Onions, LEEKS-GREEN ONIONS, (ONE NUCLEUS ONLY APPEARING AT ROOT END). Large onions may have two close nucleus representing the two leaf petals that sprout from most seeds, plants, but not many widely separated nuclei in one large onion, perfection is one perfect “One-ion” or “on-ion” “onion”.
9. TOMATOES, 5 DISTINCT BUMPS AT STEM, 5 RIBS AND 5 SEED PODS. (often at the bottom, one line splits into two lines and intersects the large wide bump-lobe at the top-stem, thus giving the appearance of six lines at the bottom, with 5 bumps at the top.) (and cherry and plum varieties should have two lobes-will have 5 sepals in the calyx-stem, not often a plum might have 5 sections) Look for this pattern of 2 and 5 in tomatoes.
Salads of lettuce of all kinds, and vegetables

Use 10-section lemon juice to dissolve, this will not harm body cells, also for a weak and clogged, coated stomach, and colon full of drug deposits and toxins, I have found nothing so soothing good and dissolving as the guava fruit and nectar. Peeled baked potatoes or boiled, eat with raw carrots (try grating them), put 10-section lemon juice on with garlic olive oil, or leeks and green onions (garlic is preferred to relax tapeworms allowing the passage of food through the intestines, also senna leaf for purging) If desired add sprouts on top, add a teaspoon of Brewer’s yeast. Judge the amount of salt needed by number of cleansings and if faintness and dizziness develops. Presently I make a stew with potatoes, celery stalks, carrots, and a whole garlic plant (bulb with many cloves) in it.

Coffee Enema=(take as needed) 3 or 4 Tablespoons of organic ground coffee per 1/2 gallon warm-NEAR HOT distilled water in “Faultless” Enema bag. Hold 10-20 minutes. After first month, try adding 1 capful from a bottle of 3% H2O2-Hydrogen Peroxide – If you have bowel irritation, you may need to add one or two teaspoons of sea salt, as this will be nearer to normal saline solution, body saline, and as salt helps to kill parasites and as salt tends to keep bacteria from proliferating, and to keep the enema from sapping away all the salt from your body.

Anxiety can build as these cleansings deplete some electrolytes such as potassium. I eat bananas with the pattern of 5 looking at the end, seems to do the trick for me, in supplementing potassium, relieving anxiety.

This path of obedience to Nature’s Laws will increase cellular concentrations of ATP LIFE ENERGY, which increases ACTIVE TRANSPORT POTENTIAL VOLTAGES and increases cellular cleansing power.

Additional information on passing tapeworms —

How to prepare Senna Leaf Tea–
Senna Leaf Tea–1 teaspoon of Senna Leaf herb in one cup of distilled water, bring to boil, turn off heat and let steep for several minutes, then strain and cool. – Make enough for all day, by using 4 teaspoons and divide liquid into four portions.

To prepare Drink–
Aloe Vera & Senna Leaf Tea – One cup of Senna leaf tea with 2-3 oz. of Aloe Vera Juice

To Drink —
Aloe Vera & Senna Leaf Tea – Drink one cup 3 times a day.
Before Sleep – One cup of Aloe Vera & Senna Leaf Tea with 1/2 teaspoonful of Pharmacy grade Sodium Bicarbonate.

Some standard herbs for parasites are : Wormwood, Wormseed, cloves, and black walnut.