I like to take nature pictures ...


I like this plant.


These vines grow rapidly, and take over. But they have a pretty blossom.


This is a Japanese Lantern.


Lenny Bratcher

I grew up in Forest City, attending Forest Lake Church School. I was baptised in Mirror Lake across from the Forest Lake SDA Church
When I was a young man, Yehoshua impressed me that He wanted me to be a minister.
Yehoshua later in life, at 23 years old, impressed me to take nurses training, which I promised if He opened all the doors, I would. In about a month, I started in the fall of 1977, the 33 month diploma program at Fletcher Hospital School of Nursing, at Fletcher, N.C.

Scripture Study 85%
Computer Repair 75%
Visual Reality 2.0 a 3D program 66%
Website creation 20%

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