Then Yahoshua rose up, and the most of those who were bowed down rose up with Him, as He led them out a little ways, saying, wait ye here while I go to My Father to receive The Kingdom, keep your garments spotless, and in a little while I will return from The Wedding.  See Daystar

This Wedding, may  be the short work that takes place in The Most Holy Place.

In her vision she saw a time of trouble such as never was, and just before we entered it, we were sealed with The Seal of The Living Elohim.

And at that time Michael shall stand up, The Great Prince which standeth for His people, and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was.

While He transfers the sins of the 144,000 to satan, the 144,000 who are already sealed are now without an intercessor, and follow His admonition, "keep your garments spotless".

When He finishes, The Father speaks like peals of loudest thunder, the day and hour of Yahshuas appearing, which takes a number of days, which interim the Seventh-day Adventists who have rejected The Sealing Message of the 144,000 worship at the saints feet. Their faces only gather blackness at His Appearing, while probationers, including the 144,000 until He speaks "My Grace is sufficicient for thee" gather paleness.

Yahshua knows who are His, His are the humble of the earth, not those who are full of self importance, those who crave the abiding sense of His Presence, which brings fullness of joy, who love to bask in humility at His Divine Feet, and Love Him, and His Holy Presence.

Daniel 12 the 1290 days begin with the national sunday law which you have to have to buy your "Daily" Bread. At this time "we were filled with the Holy Spirit, and as we went forth to proclaim The Sabbath more fully" The Sabbath was given in honor of His Holy Name, see EW 33, and His Name is The Sealing Message of the 144,000. "This enraged the nominal adventists, and the church as they could not refute The Sabbath Truth. Sabbath spelled in Hebrew contains the spiritual Truths of His Holy Name. Sabbath in Hebrew is "Shabat".  The first letter is "sheen" the Holy Letter, and represents The Holy Spirit, and its numerical value is 300.. The second letterof shabat is bet, and is the second letter of the Hebrew alef bet, and the first letter of Scripture in Gen. 1:1. The letter bet represents "house", and has the numerical value of 2.  The third letter of "shabat" is tav, the last letter of the Hebrew alef bet, and represents "mark", and has the numerical value of 400 Thus the three add up to 702. If you add the single numbers 7 plus zero plus 2, then you have 9.  Nine represents completion.  It is the highest number.  The next number begins the double digits, in the decimal system.

When "The Holy Spirit"-sheen develops a perfect reflection of character in the human "house"-bet, which happens when the human lives by every Word that proceedeth out of The Mouth of Elohim, which Word they have time in the Shabat to study, by keeping the Shabat,, by ceasing from labor, the "The Mark"-tav of Elohim is placed in their foreheads, and are thus sealed with The Shabat, sheen-bet-tav. In their foreheads was written, yode he vav he, New Yahrushalom, and a Glorious Star containing Yahoshua's New Name, and they shout continuously "hallael Yah" or "halleluYah".

This Sealing Message probationary time to accept lasts for 1290 days, until the time of Yacob's Trouble, at which point the 144,000 are all sealed and perfectly united (in the Truth). This time of Yacob's Trouble lasts for 45 days which adds up with the 1290 to equal the 1335 day, which is the blessed Day the saints hear the bells on Yahshuas' garment, and immediately The Voice of Elohim shakes the planet with peels of loudest thunder which gives the 144,000 the day and hour of Yahshuas' Coming. As Yahshua arises with healing in His Wings for those who have feared His Sealing Name, The saints bodies are healed and glorified.