The Visions:

The second published vision in the Daystar Articles, is the vision depicting a throne.

Upon it sat The Father and His Son, whom Ellen White calls "Jesus Christ".

At this present time those who are careless and indifferent standing about the throne are the world loving, and darefully irreverent, who suppose Our Great Creator is less a "person" than they themselves, saying, "God don't need a name, you can call Him anything you want".

Another group are those who are bowed before the throne, showing that they have a spirit of reverence towards Our Great Creator, and they are also deeply interested, investigating the Truth, that Our Great Creator has a specific Name that is important to Him, and understanding that He is a Personal Being, every bit as much as we ourselves, and has feelings as do we when someone calls us by a careless name that is not the name that we go by.

But He is more gracious than we. He winks at the times of our ignorance. And gladly forgives those who are confessing and forsaking their sins, humiliating themselves as represented by the act of bowing before the throne.

Idolatry is forbidden, but The Invisible One has given us a point at which we may come before Him to worship Him.

"And then began men to call upon The Name of "yod, he, vav, he".

This Hebrew Name, the tetragrammaton is The Name in which He inhabits the Praises of. And is The Name which He imparts His Glory, when we sing Praises to It, and He states He does not impart His Glory when we praise another Name, than This Particular Name, which Name begins with the familiar Hallelu "Yah". "Yah" is spelled with the first two letters of The Tetragrammaton. Some teach that the vav, brings an "o" type sound, and they say "Yahoo" or "Yah-hoe" type of sound. The exact pronunciation we may not know now, but to be deeply interested, is much better than to be careless and indifferent, showing irreverance by "standing" when praying, and not caring what His Name is, or accepting the popular venacular of the deceptive King James Version, the literary marvel, that not once has His Name, except as misspelled in Psalms 68:4 "Jah" when the New King James Version spells that one verse correctly with "Yah". Each verse, (many thousands of verses has The Divine Name of "yod, he, vav, he"), has been replaced with "The Lord" and Elohim with God.