Do you ask?

Do you ask, What shall I do to be saved? You must lay your preconceived opinions, your hereditary and cultivated ideas, at the door of investigation. If you search the Scriptures to vindicate your own opinions, you will never reach the truth. Search in order to learn what (Yahweh) says. If conviction comes as you search, if you see that your cherished opinions are not in harmony with the truth, do not misinterpret the truth in order to suit you own belief, but accept the light given. Open mind and heart that you may behold wondrous things out of God's (Elohym's) word.

Early Writings page 266-bottom
Satan therefore decided that he must come in a milder form. He had already corrupted the doctrines of the Bible (note, that no other doctrine is taught as repeatedly as the doctrine of His Holy Name), and traditions (traditions to pray to "the Lord" instead of "Father Yah"-Psalm 68:4 and to pray to "Jesus" instead of "Yahshua") which were to ruin millions were taking deep root.

Selected Messages, book 1, page 413
"Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of?" (Isa. 2:22). You must hang your helpless souls upon (Yahshua). It does not become us to drink from the fountain of the valley, when there is a fountain in the mountain. Let us leave the lower streams; let us come to the higher springs. If there is a point of truth that you do not understand, upon which you do not agree, investigate, compare scripture with scripture, sink the shaft of truth down deep into the mine of (Elohym's) Word. You must lay yourselves and your opinions on the altar of (Elohym), put away your preconceived ideas, and let the Spirit of Heaven guide you into all truth."

Education-Page- 190-191
Bible Teaching and Study

The Bible is its own expositor. Scripture is to be compared with scripture. The student should learn to view the word as a whole, and to see the relation of its parts. He should gain a knowledge of its grand central theme, of God's original purpose for the world, of the rise of the great controversy, and of the work of redemption. He should understand the nature of the two principles that are contending for supremacy, and should learn to trace their working through the records of history and prophecy, to the great consummation. He should see how this controversy enters into every phase of human experience; how in every act of life he himself reveals the one or the other of the two antagonistic motives; and how, whether he will or not, he is even now deciding upon which side of the controversy he will be found.
Every part of the Bible is given by inspiration of God and is profitable. The Old Testament no less than the New should receive attention. As we study the Old Testament we shall find living springs bubbling up where the careless reader discerns only a desert.


What better way is there to "Sink the Shaft of Truth" than to study from the Masoretic Hebrew Text?

Listen to The Inspired Pen of Inspiration--

Manuscript Releases Volume Sixteen-PC- SW
The Watchman
The Perils of the Last Days
The Lord requires no less of man now than he required of Adam,--perfect
obedience to his law, unblemished righteousness. The requirement under the
covenant of grace is just as broad as that made in paradise,--harmony with
his law, which is holy, and just, and good. The gospel does not weaken the
claims of the law; it exalts the law and makes it honorable. Under the New
Testament no less is required than was required under the Old Testament. Let
no one take up with the delusion, so pleasant to the human heart, that God
will accept of sincerity, no matter what may be the faith or how imperfect
the life. God requires of his children perfect obedience.

Manuscript Releases Volume Sixteen
CN- 1201, CT- Christ's Mission to Earth
PR- 02, PG- 125
Sharp, clear conceptions of truth will never be the reward of indolence. Investigation of every point that has been received as truth will richly repay the searcher in finding precious gems. In closely investigating every jot and tittle which we think is established truth beyond controversy, in comparing Scripture with Scripture, searching to see if there is no flaw in their interpretation, errors may be discovered. Christ would have the searcher of the Scriptures sink the shaft down deeper into the mines of truth. If the search is properly conducted, precious jewels of inestimable value will be found. The word of God is the mine of the unsearchable riches of Christ.--Manuscript 143, 1897.

Prophets and Kings
Instructed in the Law of God
Page 661

Yet even here was evidence of the sin of Israel. Through the intermarriage of the people with other nations, the Hebrew language had become corrupted, and great care was necessary on the part of the speakers to explain the law in the language of the people, that it might be understood by all. Certain of the priests and Levites united with Ezra in explaining the principles of the law. "They read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading."

-BC- ExV
-TI- A Sketch of the Christian Experience and Views of Ellen G. White
-PR- 01
-PG- 55
As I saw what we must be to inherit glory, and
then saw how much Jesus had suffered for us to
obtain for us so rich an inheritance, I prayed that we
might be baptized into Christ's sufferings, that we
might not shrink at trials, but bear them with
patience and joy, knowing what Jesus had suffered,
that we might through his poverty and sufferings be
made rich. Said the angel, "Deny self, ye must
step fast." I saw that some of us have had time to
get the truth, and to advance step by step, and every
step we have taken has given us strength to take the
next. But now time is almost finished, and what we
have been years learning, they will have to learn in
a few months. And they will have to unlearn much,
and learn again. And those who will not receive
the mark of the beast and his image, when the
decree goes forth, must have decision now to say,
nay, we will not regard the institution of the beast.



-BC- 11MR
-TI- Manuscript Releases Volume Eleven
-CN- 895
-CT- Minneapolis General Conference and its Aftermath
-PR- 02
-PG- 243
Evil-surmising Leads to an Unbalanced Intellect --In
Minneapolis God gave precious gems of truth to His people in new settings,
This light from heaven by some was rejected with all the stubbornness the
Jews manifested in rejecting Christ, and there was much talk about standing
by the old landmarks. But there was evidence they knew not what the old
landmarks were. There was evidence and there was reasoning from the Word that
commended itself to the conscience; but the minds of men were fixed, sealed
against the entrance of light, because they had decided it was a dangerous
error removing the "old landmarks"--when it was not moving a peg of the old

Old Landmarks

-TI- Counsels to Writers and Editors
-CN- 3
-CT- The Foundations, Pillars, and Landmarks
-PR- 02
-PG- 30
The passing of the time in 1844 was a period of
great events, opening to our astonished eyes the
cleansing of the sanctuary transpiring in heaven, and
having decided relation to God's people upon the
earth, [also] the first and second angels' messages and
the third, unfurling the banner on which was inscribed,
"The commandments of God and the faith of
Jesus." One of the landmarks under this message
was the temple of God, seen by His truth-loving
people in heaven, and the ark containing the law of
God. The light of the Sabbath of the fourth
commandment flashed its strong rays in the pathway of
the transgressors of God's law. The nonimmortality
of the wicked is an old landmark. I can call to mind


nothing more that can come under the head of the
old landmarks. All this cry about changing the old
landmarks is all imaginary.
-PT- The Southern Watchman
-DT- 04-05-04
-AT- Present Truth
Present Truth.

-PR- 01
Our people need to understand the reasons of our faith and our past
experiences. How sad it is that so many of them apparently place unlimited
confidence in men who present theories tending to uproot our past experiences
and to remove the old landmarks! Those who can so easily be led by a false
spirit show that they have been following the wrong captain for some
time,--so long that they do not discern that they are departing from the
faith, or that they are not building upon the true foundation. We need to
urge all to put on their spiritual eye-glasses, to have their eyes anointed
that they may see clearly and discern the true pillars of the faith. Then
they will know that "the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal,
The Lord knoweth them that are his." We need to revive the old evidences of
the faith once delivered to the saints.

Isaiah 28:9
Whon shall He teach knowledge? and whom shall He make to understand doctrine? them athat are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts.

-PT- The Signs of the Times
-DT- 09-18-79
-AT- Christian Temperance
-PR- 08
When we have tried to present to the people the health reform, and have
spoken of the importance of their eating, and drinking, and in all that they
do, to do it to the glory of God, many, by their actions, have said, "It is
nobody's business whether I eat this or that. Whatever we do we are to bear
the consequences ourselves." Dear friends, you are greatly mistaken. You are
not the only sufferers from a wrong course. The society you are in bears the
consequences of your wrongs, in a great degree, as well as yourselves. If you
are suffering from your intemperance in eating or in drinking, we that are
around you, or associated with you, are affected by your infirmities. We have
to suffer on account of the course you pursue, which is wrong. If it has an
influence to lessen your powers of mind or body, we are affected by it. We
have to feel it. When in your society, instead of your having a buoyancy of
spirit, you are gloomy, and cast a shadow upon the spirits of all around you.
If we are sad, and depressed, and in trouble, you could, if in right
conditions of health, have a clear brain to show us the way out, and speak a
comforting word to us. If your brain is so benumbed by your wrong course of
living that you cannot give us the right counsel, do we not meet with a loss?
Does not your influence seriously affect us? We may have a good degree of
confidence in our own judgment, yet we want to have counsellors; for in many
counsellors there is safety. We desire that our course should look consistent
and proper to those we love, and we wish to seek their counsel, and have them
able to give it with a clear brain. But what care we for your judgment, if
your brain nerve power has been taxed to the utmost to take care of improper
food, or an enormous quantity of even healthful food' placed in your
stomachs, and the vitality withdrawn from the brain? What care we for the
judgment of such persons? They see through a mass of undigested food.
Therefore your course of living affects us. It is impossible for you to
pursue any wrong course without others suffering beside yourself.

-PT- Advent Review and Sabbath Herald
-DT- 03-09-86
-AT- The Government of God
-PR- 24
There is a great deal more to this subject than we can take in at a
glance. Oh that all might see the importance of carefully studying the
Scriptures! Many seem to have the idea that this world and the heavenly
mansions constitute the universe of God. Not so. The redeemed throng will
range from world to world, and much of their time will be employed in
searching out the mysteries of redemption. And throughout the whole stretch
of eternity, this subject will be continually opening to their minds. The
privileges of those who overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of
their testimony are beyond comprehension.


The Missing quote NOT on the EGW CD-ROM
From MR # 866 frame 7, (on microfilm Manuscript Releases) image on microfilm viewer

"Momentous truth is conveyed to the mind through the reading of the Scriptures. Every word is a valuable pearl. No word is to lose its virtue and force. One word changed would injure the thought and destroy the lesson taught. By incorrect punctuation the meaning of the word of God may be greatly altered. The Holy Spirit directed and impressed the writers of the Bible. These men did not write words of human wisdom, but words given them by God." MS-40-1900.

The Hebrew-English-Greek Interlinear I have is by Jay P. Green Sr. and is published by Hendrickson Publishers, and is called "The Interlinear Bible, Hebrew English Greek" The old version isn't available but a new version Revised is available from "The Magnificat" in Waynesville, N.C. for $79.95 -as of November 22, 1996.
Their phone number, for those who want one is

A picture of The Interlinear Bible

A picture of Genesis 1:1 from the Interlinear in Hebrew and English--Note: Hebrew reads from right to left


The Desire of Ages
The Walk to Emmaus
Page 796

Beginning at Moses, the very Alpha of Bible history, Christ expounded
in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself. Had He


first made Himself known to them, their hearts would have been satisfied.
In the fullness of their joy they would have hungered for nothing
more. But it was necessary for them to understand the witness borne to
Him by the types and prophecies of the Old Testament. Upon these
their faith must be established. Christ performed no miracle to convince
them, but it was His first work to explain the Scriptures. They
had looked upon His death as the destruction of all their hopes. Now
He showed from the prophets that this was the very strongest evidence
for their faith.

In teaching these disciples, Jesus showed the importance of the Old
Testament as a witness to His mission. Many professed Christians now
discard the Old Testament, claiming that it is no longer of any use.
But such is not Christ's teaching. So highly did He value it that at one
time He said, "If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they
be persuaded, though one rose from the dead." Luke 16:31.

It is the voice of Christ that speaks through patriarchs and prophets,
from the days of Adam even to the closing scenes of time. The Saviour
is revealed in the Old Testament as clearly as in the New. It is the
light from the prophetic past that brings out the life of Christ and the
teachings of the New Testament with clearness and beauty. The miracles
of Christ are a proof of His divinity; but a stronger proof that He
is the world's Redeemer is found in comparing the prophecies of the
Old Testament with the history of the New.