My Two Witnesses, the song of Moses and The Lamb, sung by the 144,000 who stand stiffly for His Name per Esdras.

These Two Witness and reveal The Fathers True and Righteous and Holy Name.

Their Testimony stands upon their feet and great fear fell upon them all.

Thus in the latter rain a fear holds back the wicked, and the sincere are free to accept the Truth of Our Fathers "HalleluYah is Thy Name" or glorious Yah is His Name.

Thus in the power and Glory of His Name, the only Name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved, the earth is Lighted up with The Glory that Father Yah gives with His Name, and never to another name, of pagan origin.

("My" in the verse of Scripture is The Father claiming as His, Two Witnesses.

Moses or Moshey, was given the revelation of The Fathers Name, in the Mount with the definition of His Name.  Yod He Vav He means "merciful, gracious, longsuffering, full of mercy lovingkindness and EMeT (truth in Hebrew spelled with the first middle and last letter of alef-bet)

Who has ever perfectly revealed in His Life The Fathers Name-Character?

His Son Yahooshua is The Perfect Reflection of The Fathers Name and Character.

Moshey also shined after communion with The Father, but not flawless, like The Son of Yah, but through The Son accepted, as Moshey by faith fulfilled The Father's Command of the system of sacrifices pointing forward to The Son, willingly giving His Life as the payment for the penalty of transgressing The Father's Will, His Law.

Praise Yah! = halleluYah, is the song of Praise, which as Ellen White tells us that our Saviour as a workman on earth, before His public Ministry, He would brighten the workplace with songs of Praise to The Father, and as Ellen White tells us would bring a happy heavenly atmosphere to the work environment.

My Two Witnesses- "Whoso offereth Praise, glorifieth Me, and to him who orders his conversation aright, (praising His correct name, instead of praising the false terms- giving faithful witness of The Fathers Name, as per Scripture, two verses The Father Himself refers to His Name as "My Great Name".)see Jer. 44:26 and Ezek. 36:23.

If Our Father in heaven regards His Name as "GREAT", and He is Great, how much more should we fear and tremble, lest we trample His Name, against His Third Commandment of the Ten?

Ezekiel 36:23

And I will sanctify My Great Name, which was profaned among the heathen, which ye have profaned

The word Name in Scripture has also a definition "mark", thus in Ellen Whites first vision, when she says, after He raises His Glorious Right Arm, some "got their eyes off the mark, lost sight of Yahooshua, and fell off the path down into the dark world below" close quote, so the word "mark" in her vision is referring to The Mark of His Name, and how the number patterns of His Name are used by His obediencers, to find and select to put in their bodies only foods that bear the numerical pattern of 10 and 5 in His Name Yah, yod-10, he-5,  #3050, which foods yields positive gains of electrical energy, to their cerebral cortex, so they may comprehend His Divine Law. Some grew weary, got their eyes off the mark, His Name. When you eat foods that do not bear these numbers in the sections or points  of the core, or petals of the flower which grow into a fruit, showing these numbers, 10 and 5, you grow tired as there is an immediate draft or flow of electrons from your metaboloic pool of ATP to supply the needed electrons for the chemical endergonic reaction of the electron absorbing food in your body. as chemical reactions are electronic in nature. that is there is a charge transfer of electrons as atoms molecules, chemical combine in the digestion of the stomach.

but if they cherish the Light that Yahooshua gives them upon the question of health reform, they have a great aid in the work of sanctification and fitting up for immortality.  But if they neglect the Light, the darkness increases until it is night in the soul. For to reject His Message is to reject Him.