-TI- The Paulson Collection of Ellen G. White Letters
-PR- 03
-PG- 269
MS-7- September 23, 1909

The Relation of Loma Linda College
to Worldly Medical Institutions

Report of interview at the home of Mrs. E. G. White,
Sanitarium, California, September 20, 1909. Present
Mrs. E. G. White, W. C. White and J. A. Burden.

E. G. White: We want none of that kind of "higher
education" that will put us in a position where the credit
must be given, not to the Lord God of Israel, but to the
god of Ekron. The Lord designs that we shall stand as
a distinct, sanctified, and holy people, so connected
with him that he can work with us. Let our physicians
realize that they are to depend wholly upon the true




-BC- 5T
-TI- Testimonies for the Church Volume Five
-CN- 21
-CT- Shall We Consult Spiritualist Physicians?
-PR- 01
-PG- 193
The heathen oracles have their counterpart in the spiritualistic
mediums, the clairvoyants, and fortunetellers of today.
The mystic voices that spoke at Ekron and En-dor are still by
their lying words misleading the children of men. The prince
of darkness has but appeared under a new guise. The
mysteries of heathen worship are replaced by the secret associations
and seances, the obscurities and wonders, of the sorcerers of
our time. Their disclosures are eagerly received by thousands
who refuse to accept light from God's word or from His Spirit.
While they speak with scorn of the magicians of old, the great
deceiver laughs in triumph as they yield to his arts under a
different form.