To be consistent in logical reasoning:

If as we see in scripture that the new moon day is called the first day of the moon, or month, and the second day is the first of the six working days, or "the first day", then we can see more clearly the placement of the moon in creation week, that this "new moon day" was the day The Spirit brooded over the earth.

We can see this more clearly by counting from conjunction, 24 hours approx. to the beginning of creation week. Then the second day of the moon became the first day of   creation week, in which Elohim began His Work of Creation.

In the evening and morning of the fourth day, beginning at sunset of the third day, the moon appeared in the sky, after the sun settled below the horizon. as the darkness became more complete the moon could be seen very clearly, imagine 20% illumination.

Perhaps during the third day the sun evaporated the fog, so that at sunset the moon became visible. Just some specuation.