Amid the confusing cries, "Lo, here is the Messiah! Lo, there is the Messiah!" will be borne a SPECIAL TESTIMONY, a SPECIAL MESSAGE of TRUTH APPROPRIATE for THIS TIME, which MESSAGE is to be received, believed, and acted upon.   It is the TRUTH, not fanciful ideas, that is efficacious.  The ETERNAL TRUTH of the WORD will stand forth free from all seductive errors and spiritualistic interpretations, free from all fancifully drawn, alluring pictures.  Falsehoods will be urged upon the attention of Elohim's people, but the TRUTH is to stand clothed in its BEAUTIFUL, PURE GARMENTS.  The WORD, PRECIOUS in ITS HOLY, UPLIFTING INFLUENCE, is not to be degraded to a level with common, ordinary matters.  It is always to   remain uncontaminated by the fallacies by which Satan seeks to deceive, if possible, the very elect. 

    The proclamation of the GOSPEL is the only means in which Elohim can employ human beings as His instrumentalities for the salvation of souls.  As men, women, and children proclaim the gospel, Yahovah will OPEN THE EYES OF THE BLIND to see His STATUTES, and will write upon the hearts of the TRULY PENITENT His LAW.  The animating Spirit of Elohim, working through human agencies, leads the believers to be of one mind, one soul, unitedly loving Elohim and keeping His COMMANDMENTS--PREPARING HERE BELOW FOR TRANSLATION.      ...We must not wait for the LATTER RAIN.  It is coming upon all who will recognize and appropriate the DEW and SHOWERS of GRACE that FALL UPON US.  When we GATHER UP the FRAGMENTS of LIGHT, when WE APPRECIATE the SURE MERCIES of Yahovah who loves to have us trust Him, THEN EVERY PROMISE WILL BE FULFILLED.  The WHOLE EARTH is to be FILLED with THE GLORY of Elohim.

     ...The MESSAGE in regard to the fall of Babylon must be given.   Elohim's people are to understand in regard to the ANGEL who is to LIGHTEN the whole world with his GLORY, while he CRIES MIGHTILY, with a LOUD VOICE,   "Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen."  The solemn events which are now taking place belong to a SERIES OF EVENTS in the CHAIN of history, THE FIRST LINK of which IS CONNECTED with EDEN.  Let the people of Elohim PREPARE for what is coming upon the earth. Extravagance in the use of means, selfishness, heresies, have taken the world captive.  For centuries satanic agencies have been at work.  Will they now give up without a struggle.  SDA Bible Commentary Vol. 7 page 984, 985