-BC- 1888
-TI- The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials
-CN- 18
-CT- To Brethren Assembled at General Conference
-PR- 02
-PG- 170
Elohim has a work to do in our world that many finite minds do not see
or understand, and when Elohim unfolds truth to His people, and it does
not come in harmony with their ideas, many are ready to despise and
reject it. I entreat you, brethren, reverence your Bible. Plead with Elohim
for light. Fast and pray in your closet upon your knees. Ask Elohim to lead
you into all truth. Tell Him that you want the truth as it is in Yehoshua.
It is not wise for one of these young men to commit himself to a decision
at this meeting, where opposition, rather than investigation, is the order
of the day. The Scriptures must be your study, then you will know that
you have the truth. Open your heart that Elohim might write the truth
upon its tablets.