Dear Readers,

The Sabbath more fully message involves "Light" upon the calendar which bears the weekly cycle, and by rejecting The Light, The Sabbath More Fully Message, in the Light and Power of The Latter Rain which is about to fall with 10x the power of Pentecost, ... well read about His anger below, because rejecting truth is this:

"and made the fourth commandment of none effect" by rejecting the Lunar co-ordinated weekly cycle.

-BC- LS88
-TI- Life Sketches of James White and Ellen G. White (1888 edition)
-CN- 10
-CT- Remarkable Experiences and Labors--Loss of the First-Born
-PR- 03
-PG- 340
"Said the angel: 'Poor, foolish man knows not
what he is doing. He has lifted his puny arm
against Omnipotence; he has defied Elohim's Law.'
The Law of Elohim is a Golden Link to unite finite man
to the infinite Elohim. It links earth to Heaven, and
man to Elohim. The transgressor is about to meet the
great Lawgiver over His broken Law. The wrath
of Elohim has long slumbered, but soon, with terrible
justice and crushing weight, will His wrath fall
upon the transgressor. And that arm that has
been stretched forth in rebellion against Elohim's Law


and would sever the Golden Link binding earth to
Heaven and man to Elohim, will wither while the
transgressor shall stand upon his feet. That
tongue that has boastingly and proudly spoken
against Elohim's Law, and made the fourth
commandment of none effect
, will consume in his
mouth while he stands upon his feet. Terrible
will be the fate of those who transgress Elohim's
Law, and lead others in the same Heaven-daring
path of rebellion.